INTRODUCTION TO ICE YACHTS – High performance sailing yachts – custom yachts all built to order – delivered to your location of choice

City of Sails Marine is offering in New Zealand the range of Performance Sailing Yachts made by ICE Yachts in conjunction with SeaBoats.

We’re pleased to offer the full range of high performance sailing yachts built by Ice Yachts in Italy. ICE Yachts is a whole new entrepreneurial reality in the boat building world. Ice Yachts is a young brand based on a long experience and know-how. Born by the meet up of professionals with different backgrounds, all with a passion on cutting edge materials, ICE Yachts’ goal is the application of advanced technologies on custom products in marine, architecture, automotive and high segment industrial design. Based in Salvirola, in the former CN Yacht 2000 facilities, Ice Yachts inherited skilled labourers and know-how, with the new contribution of experts in composite materials, carpentry and equipment installation.

The Ice line of boats currently: ICE 33, ICE 52, ICE 52 RS, ICE 60, ICE 62, ICE 72, ICE 82, ICE 100 & ICE Cat 61. Ice Yachts has a clear idea of the concept of each yacht we built.  Supported by some of the top Yacht architects and designers, we develop the preliminary project of the vessel. We like to combine top performances of the hulls , with practical and nice looking decks, with stylish and seaworthy interiors. Strength and lightness are the key guide lines, matched with style and functionality below deck. Great care and experience come into play, when we select accessories and systems for the various technical needs of the boat.

Ice Yachts takes care of every aspect of the aesthetic and functional approach of the project, in the interior, in the choice of materials, in the sail plan and deck layout, creating an impressive mix between design,  functionality and high performances because a real ICE Yacht must be very nice but also extremely efficient and fast.

For more information contact our team at City of Sails Marine Brokers, Phone Blair Harkness: 021 245 8809 or Janis Marler: 021 658 668.