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Panther 340 – The Ultimate Big Boat Tender

This Tender is a demonstrator with 10 hours on the clock and is priced to sell. There is the ability to add extras such as a Fishfinder or rod holders.

The Panther 340 Jet Tender manufactured by Explorer Boats will be a stand out on your yacht with a jet power providing exceptional manoeuvrability, the ability to tow single skiers and wakeboarders without the worry of a propeller – and at speeds in excess of 30 knots….this is the ultimate tender for a sail or motor yacht. The low profile allows it to be stored on the foredeck or in the aft garage and comes with four lifting points.

Watch Video: Panther 340 – Ski Tow 

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Amphibious Scott Robson Custom Build RIB (Code SEA)

An opportunity to purchase a versatile, purpose built craft for fast fun, or she could make an excellent tender for transporting guests to and from commercial accommodation as well.  (Currently not in survey).


This special boat is one of the world’s very few Jet Powered amphibious boats. A purpose built craft,  she’s fast on the water and agile on land. With a beautiful sounding 6.2L GM LS3 V8 Engine coupled to a Hamilton 212 jet unit, she has a top speed on the water of 35 knots. On land the boat can handle tough terrain with its Orion Amphibious All Wheel drive system.

A custom design by top marine architect Scott Robson, who worked with the owner to develop a special purpose boat to take you efficiently from any beach terrain to the sea.

World’s best amphibious technology – boat recognises when there is water in the jet system and turns the jet on or off automatically when entering or exiting the water.

The boat has been described by a leading industry expert as “the most seamless transition from land to water of any amphibious boat I’ve ever seen”.

Further, the boat is designed to fit into a standard height home garage with a lower windscreen and a ‘snoot’ that shortens her overall length if in a confined space.

Launched in 2018, and with only 75 hours on the clock, the boat presents in virtually as new condition.

Watch the boat on land: Luna Sea on the move

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